Agro Consultancy

Why Agro Farming Consultancy?

Farmers are being misled again and again through sales tactic and incorrect information in the name of Organic Agro Products. Beliving the sales personnel, driven by the passion for converting the agriculture lands into organic farms, Farmers are often tempted to be under the trap of unscruplous people selling toxic products for selfish motives. They do not bother about the consequences of such irresponsible acts. Finally, Farmers remain dissatisfied with the agriculture outputs.

Team Kejon witnessed the above situations at diffirent parts of our country, it has now been decided to provide all the possible help and assistance to Farmers in order to help them taste the true quality of organically cultivated agriculture produces.

Our Consultancy Services include the following:-

1. Farmland Analysis:

In general, prime farmlands have an adequate and dependable water supply from precipitation or irrigation, a favourable temperature and growing season, acceptable acidity or alkalinity, acceptable salt and sodium content, and few or no rocks. They are permeable to water and air.

2. Assessment on the possibilities of introducing value added crops, regular crops or mixed cultivation (long and short term crops).

3. Recommendation to Landowners of growing the best crops according to the the above analysis.

4. Supply of pure orgranic products for soil management, fertilizer management, nutrient management and disease management.

5. Training to suitable persons at landowners end on product usage. Our Team always encourages preventive measures so that plants do not get affected by biotic or abiotic stress.

6. Periodic visits to land and guidance to labourers employed at land while sharing our findings with landowners for information and/or suitable actions, wherever required.

7. Consultancy charges for our above mentioned services shall be discussed directly with landowners.

Last but not least, we undertake farm cultivation CONSULTANCY as project, to give maximum benefits to the Farmers who are not given the right kind of attention that they deserve.