Dosage:10 Litre per Acre (Drenching or Drip Irrigation).

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Kejon SOIL NUTRALIZER is a stablized gel, made from Herbal based concentrates. It contains many different varieties of beneficial bacteria which act as microbial inoculants in the soil. Effective Micro Organisms refer to nboth Aerobic & Anaerobic beneficial bacterial such Photo Synthetic Bacteria, Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria and Phosphate Solubilizer.

Benefits of our SOIL NUTRALIZER.

Kejon SOIL NUTRALIZER is living microorganism of bacterial, fungal and algal origin. Their mode of action differs and can be applied alone or in combintion.


  • Fixes atmospheric Nitrogen in the soil and root nodules of legume crops nd makes it available to the plant.
  • Solubilizes the insoluble forms of Phosphates like tricalcium, ironand aluminium phosphates into available forms.
  • Scavenges phosphate from soil layers.
  • Produces hormones and anti metabolites which promote root growth.
  • Decomposes organic matter and helps mineralise the soil.
  • Increases the availability of nutrients when applied to seed or soil, and improves the yield by 10 to 25% without affecting the soil and environment.


10 Litre per Acre (Drenching or Drip Irrigation).